Crazy Thought

Thinking about the things that I like about Google or about library databases in comparison with each other after my last post, I realized that library databases need crazy-easy URLs. I don’t click through 2 or 3 layers of a website to get to Google. I type “goo” into my address bar, which fills in the rest, which takes me to Google. If I could type “MLA” into the address bar and get to even something as complicated as “,” life would be easier. Sure beats my current option:[gobbledygook]&db=mla-set-c&adv=1

If I could also set a cookie that would authenticate me from my own home computer, life would be even easier.

Still need to work on the seamless access to full text part of the equation, though.

2 thoughts on “Crazy Thought

  1. As an alternative to a cookie: VPN users will want seamless access from off-campus. Don’t forget VPN ranges when setting up IP addresses with vendors.

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