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Just When I Thought Life Needed a Little Spicing Up…

… Elsevier delivered for me. Ah, the sweet smell of fraud in the evening.

Tuesday, I heard that they’d (oops) published a fake journal under a fake imprint. Now they’ve admitted it, but not before the LSW had sunk its teeth in and decided that the upcoming zine could be hilariously renamed The Australasian Journal of Library Science (complete with some of the most pesky problems any journal could ever have… seriously, go read the thread behind that link), and that Elsevier could perhaps benefit from some customized Cod of Ethics merch.

Now we’re up to six fake journals (sorry for the registration required by that link, but it’s free), and Dorothea has contributed some less hilarious, more to-the-point commentary.

If I were writing the “scenes from next week’s show” for this particular drama, it’d include revelations that their peer review system is run via seance, or that there’s an invisible clause in their author agreements that really does sign over the authors’ souls in addition to their copyrights. But since I’m not in charge, all I can say is Stay Tuned!

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