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Feeling Like a Celebrity

Everyone should be lucky enough to know a graphic artist! Just hours after I mentioned that my ultimate dream was to have a Pegasus image for my blog header, the amazing Tim Keneipp emailed me an image. I fell in love with that statue Pegasus instantly.

Of course, then came hours and hours of fighting with Blogger to make it sit right on the page (I’m sorry, Tim. I didn’t know it’d be such a hassle). But now each time I look at my blog I think about how talented and generous Tim is.

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  1. Joshua M. Neff Joshua M. Neff

    The new image & redesign makes your blog look so classic and classy!

  2. Steve Lawson Steve Lawson

    Oh, that’s great. Nice work, Tim.

  3. Meredith Meredith

    That looks fantastic! Tim did a great job.

  4. Mark Mark

    Very nice!

  5. Brandi Tuttle Brandi Tuttle

    Yes, very nice! Tim is such a nice guy….

  6. librarygoon librarygoon

    Like the song says… “that’s what friends are for.” You are so very welcome Iris.

  7. Hazel Hazel

    Be oooo ti ful

  8. Michael A. Golrick Michael A. Golrick

    It looks very nice!


  9. Rikhei Rikhei

    Wow, that’s lovely! I should ask if he could do one for me.

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