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New iPod Touch
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I’m SO excited!!! For the last year my co-workers and I have had no mobile calendars (as I’ve written about at some length). Well, after letting us test both the iPod Touch and the newer wireless Palm, my work decided to let us choose our favorite toy… er… device. I chose the iPod Touch, and today IT CAME. I spent a few hours getting it set up with updated software, registering it with the campus wireless network, and then figuring out how to sync it with my calendar, mail, and contacts. What fun!!!!

By the way, in case anyone else is wondering how to sync Zimbra with an iPod Touch or iPhone and can’t find any documentation from either Zimbra or Apple, no, you’re not insane. The instructions just aren’t out there. What you do is:

  • make sure you have the 2.0 version of the iPod software and the latest Zimbra upgrade
  • set up a new mail/calendar/contacts account
  • select “Microsoft Exchange”
  • and then enter your Zimbra account information

After that, things should work beautifully.

4 thoughts on “New Toy

  1. I’m an iPod Touch user too and love the new software, especially the push calendar ability via Exchange. Now I can add events whilst out at meetings on my iPod Touch and won’t have to replicate it on my PC (or vice versa), such a time saver! I read your previous calendar posts with interest, I really wish we had something like Zimbra, it would make appointment scheduling so much simpler!

  2. Yeah, the sync-with-Zimbra feature is really pretty slick. I’m still in “ooh, shiny” mode, but even beyond the shiny, I can see that this will really make my life a lot simpler.

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