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Farewell, dear LIShost

Well, let’s try this again. DNS confusion meant that last Friday, when I thought I was all set, I actually wasn’t. But apparently NOW I’m all set, so here’s the post that I thought would get posted last week. (Many thanks to Reclaim Host tech support for all their extremely helpful help.)

I’m writing now from my new home on a new server and a new domain registrar for the first time in my blog’s history. Up until now I’ve been happily living in my own little corner of the LIShost server, carefully tended by the wonderful Blake Carver. Sadly, LIShost is shutting down after 18 years of dedicated service to library folks. I can’t thank Blake enough for his approach to hosting, giving me as much leeway as I had the skills for, and as much help as I needed to cover those areas where my skills were lacking.

But welcome, now, to my new home, here in my own corner of the Reclaim Hosting servers. If things continue as they have begun, I think I’ll be quite happy here in my new digs. But if you notice anything wonky do let me know. I’m still unpacking and figuring out the light switches and hanging pictures, and there’s no guarantee I’ll notice everything.

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Sprucing up the place

I realized it’s been at least 6 years since I last changed the look around here. Websites probably shouldn’t go that long between updates, so take a moment to remember the old, lush Pegasus while you explore the new site.
a screenshot of Pegasus2013

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Anatomy of a Mass Internet Argument (aka “Blog Drama”)

Every so often, people in online communities turn their attention toward one thing and argue heatedly. Here’s how it generally goes.

  1. Initial controversial statement (This is usually something that can be interpreted as “You and everything you value? It all sucks.”)
  2. Initial “Hey, who do you think you are anyway? And by the way, you suck” response.
  3. Mass internet pile on
  4. Later, in no particular order
    • Sporadic “That controversial statement wasn’t controversial. It’s been said/done/thought since the beginning of time” interjections
    • Sporadic “That initial statement was spot on” interjections (mostly ignored or decried)
    • Summary blog posts for newcomers to the argument
    • Meta blog posts talking about the experience of the argument (ahem, You Are Here)
  5. Argument is named something catchy (usually a catchy acronym or some reference to Watergate)
  6. People wax nostalgic about the argument, getting all heated up about it in short bursts
  7. Argument becomes point of comparison in the next mass internet argument

Dear Blog

Dear Blog,

On this, your 5th birthday, I’d like to thank you for introducing me to some of the people who are now my best friends in the world, for never backfiring on me too badly when I stuck my toes in the crazy, for never attracting the real crazy that exists out there on the internet, for helping me learn to be a librarian, and for helping me learn to be an adult. I started you on a whim and on another platform. I’ve fallen out of love with you and then realized that it wasn’t you, it was me, and this realization led me back to appreciating you again. And through it all, you’re still here, bursting with drafts that I may never flesh out, but here nonetheless. Happy birthday.