I’m well and truly on vacation and have been all week. And, for the first time ever, I’m taking two weeks of vacation in a row. That’s right. I was on vacation this week, and I’ll also be on vacation next week. Hard to fathom, I know, but it’s true. It’s not a vacation where

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Another Reason Our Legacy Systems Must Evolve or Die

In a not-so-recent New Yorker that I hadn’t yet read, I ran across this sentence about Google’s emerging advertising markets: Two vital markets are television, which is ‘easily attainable,’ and mobile phones, which are ‘more personable’ and more ‘targetable’ than most advertising. (Auletta 36) This resonated with something that John Riedl (keynote speaker extraodinaire) said

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Most Likely Poisoned

As some of you know, I’m allergic to eggs. I’m even allergic to the smell of cooking eggs. I’m allergic to stuff you cook in a pan that you’ve previously cooked eggs in. This is why I never accept breakfast invitations at conferences. Well, this morning there were eggs EVERYWHERE at the portfolio reading. They

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