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I’m well and truly on vacation and have been all week. And, for the first time ever, I’m taking two weeks of vacation in a row. That’s right. I was on vacation this week, and I’ll also be on vacation next week. Hard to fathom, I know, but it’s true.

It’s not a vacation where I’m doing anything special. I’m mostly sitting on the couch, reading (I have a supply of fiction and a whole stack of New Yorker magazines to read), petting the kitty, watching episodes of Rosemary & Thyme on DVD, and generally being a slug. Today I even took a nap (not one of my talents, and not something I’d planned on doing, but something that ended up being really nice). And you know what? After a full work week spent not working, I’m starting to feel a little bit more like myself again! Maybe this means that next week I’ll have my brains back enough to start my Japanese lessons back up.

Oh! And I’m really excited to learn that we’ll be getting clickers for our library classroom! I’ll have to read up on Knowledge Surveys and see if I can combine what I’ve learned about clicker pedagogy with that kind of assessment. The ideas are bubbling!

Which reminds me, I still need to write about Knowledge Surveys, which I heard discussed very compellingly at the NITLE Moodle meeting I went to earlier this month. Hmmm…. and that reminds me that I still haven’t written much about Moodle and the crossroads I think it’s reached, and there are one or two other topics I haven’t covered yet from last month’s conferences. Maybe next week will be a week of blogging as well as Japanese lessons. Maybe. If I’m not too busy being a slug.

(Image credit: “Hammock” by Listen Missy shared under Creative Commons)

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  1. librarygoon librarygoon

    Congratulations on achieving an advanced state of slugatude! Enjoy your time off.

  2. Iris Iris

    Oh, I’m enjoying it. Lots. I never want to work again. :-)

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