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Free Wireless Broadband!

Head over to Google to learn about their new free wireless broadband service. I always look forward to these innovative offerings, but this one is new in that it offers a Google Group for help and support right up front. Perhaps they’re expecting more technical difficulties?

[Update 4/1/2007: I hadn’t realized that they also just released Google Paper.]

[Update 4/2/2007: And all this on the same day that Google bought OCLC… what a day! Does anyone know if NPR ran any particularly -ahem- interesting stories yesterday? I was on a plane…]

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous

    Google Paper = April Fools. :)

  2. Anonymous Anonymous

    This might be a joke but there must be some thruth to it. Google’s recent purchase of “dark fiber’ has caused much speculation why they’d need the bandwidth. Many have already speculated that Google is getting into ISP business.

    ISP Survey provides free price quotes as well as free consultations for dedicated internet access

  3. Iris Iris

    To anonymous 1: What? You mean I can’t look forward to drinking high tech drinks while I look for a date with the help of MentalPlex, which in turn is enhanced authentic Pigeon Rank? And I was so looking forward to visiting the Copernicus Center… Jeez. Don’t tell me Google doesn’t exist, now. That’d just kill me.

    And anonymous 2: Wow, that’s the most on-topic spamming I’ve ever seen. Happy April Fools.

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