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Doing Much Better

For some reason I didn’t stay asleep last night, so I was up and amusing myself by 5:30 this morning. Ugh. But that meant that I had no trouble getting to the conference center in time for the 8am sessions. And I’ve gotta say, today’s sessions are MUCH more interesting than yesterday’s were. Maybe I just picked the wrong sessions for my interests yesterday, or maybe I was in a bad mood or something, but today’s papers seem more carefully reasoned, more cogently presented, and generally more relevant.

Yesterday my co-workers and I came away with the sense that everyone ALMOST got around to presenting their ideas, but never actually arrived there. It was like everything was just introductions and teasers and no meat. Today’s sessions are consistently arriving at a point prior to asking “so… any questions?”

This also means that I’ll have to work a lot harder to actually write up these sessions… which I’ll try to do later because right now I’m learning about Competency Theory, Library Anxiety, and how these impact our instruction.

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