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  1. Anonymous Anonymous

    Please ‘splain?

  2. Julian Julian

    But wait… wouldn’t the cheerleader likely not be of proper age to enter the bar?

  3. Iris Iris

    Ok, so the really bad joke is this. As I’ve said, there were these three incongruous groups coexisting in the convention center, giving the whole experience a slightly surreal feeling. And then, the guy who introduced Nina Totenberg got up to the microphone, waited for the applause to die down, and then, even before saying “good morning” or any of the other conventional phrases, said, “So a termite walked into a bar and asked, ‘Is the bar tender here?'” Totally apropos of nothing. Totally hilarious in its non-hilarity and randomness.

    Of course, to bring in all of the most memorable moments, the joke I crushed out of these blended experiences should have been, “So a naked librarian, a Mary Kay lady, and a Cheer Leader walked into a bar…”

    Oh, and Julian, a couple of the cheer leading groups were college age. But even so, you have a point…

  4. Iris Iris

    BTW, just realized that “naked” would also be in inside joke. Basically, that’s from the John Waters talk where he said we should do whatever it takes to get kids into libraries. And he assured us that naked librarians would accomplish that task pretty well.

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