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Continuing My Entry to the Late 20th Century

Last summer I finally got myself a digital camera (which has revolutionized the way I document my life and communicate with my family). Today I finally caved to another of my secret desires and ordered an iPod Shuffle. I am now the proud owner of a receipt, which will hopefully morph into an MP3 player by the end of the week. Amazing how that happens.

I’m having trouble keeping in shape during these dark, cold, long Minnesota winters, and I thought that if I could listen to audio books, podcasts, or music I might stick to my exercise routine a little better. At least, that’s the justification I’m using.

I don’t like it that the Shuffle doesn’t have a screen of any kind, but since this is primarily for my exercise schedule I decided that the size and clip design outweighed the lack of a screen. It’s also more affordable.

My only regret is that I didn’t spring for faster shipping…

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  1. Mark Mark

    Oh! I see. You’re just trying to pay me back for that SirsiDynix Carnival debacle. Or not. ;) Sorry. Saw “the other” post first.

    Either way, you’re keeping me on my toes. And *that* my friend is a pretty good trick after 3 pints of Guinness.

    Next up in the sideshow, Iris makes a drunken Mark dance…

  2. Iris Iris

    Sounds like you had a more interesting evening than I did. ;)

    But I’m happy to report that due to my careful watching of the moving wall paper, Jack Bauer was able to locate and begin torturing his very own brother. No Guinness was involved, unfortunately.

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