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"But I’m Not Eating It…."

I just turned away a pizza from the library. We have a “no food in the library” policy, and here was this kid standing 5 feet from the reference desk holding a pizza box that gave off the (heavenly) smell of a hot pizza.

He looked at me looking at him and winced.

I smiled and shook my head at him. He knew better.

His eyes got big… bambi-ish, almost. “But I’m not eating it. I’m just holding it.”

“I’m sorry,” I answered, “But there’s no food allowed IN the library. And that’s in the library whether your eating it or holding it.”

“Aw c’mon….It’s just a box, and I’m just holding it.”

“How about holding it in the entry-way?”

Grudgingly he and his friend proceeded to walk as slowly as I’ve ever seen a student move (and in my experience college students can move very slowly) toward the main doors. Inch by inch they conversed their way farther from me. Half way there they checked back to see if I was still watching them.

I just smiled at them with my cheeriest “thank you” smile.

Utterly defeated, they turned and walked to the entry way. Now they’re sitting there eating pizza.

That’s one more student who will never voluntarily ask me a question…

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