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Summer time, and the livin’ is… hmmm

School’s finally out (well, it has been for about a month now), and this year’s summer programs for high school students doesn’t need any involvement from us. We’re working very, very hard on a bunch of large summer projects (a self study, a major campus-wide information literacy assessment project, a couple of articles), and I’m not procrastinating AT ALL right now as I write this. And I’m offended that you’d imply that I was…

One thing I love about the summer is that my co-workers and I settle into a different kind of dynamic. We seem to relate much more like friends who happen to have common hobbies than we do during the school year when our offices are always full of students. We all know we’re all really busy, but we also seem to be able to let our professional guards down and just be people. Much as we like and respect each other and enjoy each other’s company all year round, we’re so often in meetings or working with students that there’s just not as much freedom to interact casually like that during the school year.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean about the relaxed summer demeanor in the library. I miss it, now that I’m not on a campus anymore. My last place of work didn’t offer summer school, so the campus was very, very quiet in the summer. It was lovely.

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