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Using Naxos on iThings

Those of you who have Naxos Music Library know that iPods and iPads and iPhones don’t work well natively with Naxos stuff because Naxos is pretty heavily dependent on Flash. Our music department’s librarian just sent information around about how to make things function, though, so I thought I’d share. As it turns out, there’s an app for that!

  1. Access NML through your library’s subscription on a desktop/laptop computer
  2. Select the playlists tab near the top of the page
  3. Select “sign up” near the upper right corner and follow the sign-up directions
  4. A confirmation email will be sent, with a link to activate the account.
  5. Log in to the desktop interface and create playlists
  6. Download the NML for iPhone App and log in using the same account information.
  7. Accessed your playlists via the app.

Basically, the music you want to hear on an iThing will have to be put into a playlist first, and the playlist is what’s available via the app.

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