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A bunny and a monk and the pope walked into a library…

Wait, no, there was no monk or pope, just a little baby bunny.  It ran into the library right through the front door as someone else walked in, spent some quality time eluding near capture, and finally cornered itself under a radiator where the radiator entered the wall at a corner. The archivist with a lab coat at the ready for capturing the bunny moved in. The pregnant social sciences librarian with the box moved in. Another librarian and myself blocked off escape routes.

And then the bunny hopped up into the radiator.

After some rummaging around to see if we could get into the wall from behind, I went to get a mirror from my office, crammed myself under the radiator, and realized that there was no bunny in sight. We weren’t going to be getting it out on our own.

A circulation supervisor called security who called facilities. Two facilities guys and several tools of increasing size and wattage later, a saw-dust-covered bunny was revealed.

It was so shaken up that it even sat still for a picture when we released it.

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