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Huh. Missed That.

Yesterday, my blog turned four.

It’s nice to be in my own space this year, and in many ways it’s nice that blogging isn’t the sole source of communication in my corner of library land any more. (It’s easier to follow discussions on FriendFeed than it was when you had to read everyone’s blogs separately.) But I also miss constantly thinking “Ooh, I should blog that thought.” I loved having that spontaneity happen in a space that I could back up more easily than I can back up FriendFeed.

That’s a little more bittersweet sounding than I’d intended, but oh well. Hopefully soon I’ll have more energy to devote to blogging again. But until that time, I’ll keep happily watching librarianly conversations unfold on the internet.

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  1. Happy birthday, Pegasus Librarian. Glad you are still around.

  2. Mark Mark

    Happy anniversary, Pegasus!

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