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Month: March 2010

Carleton Infiltrates the Colbert Report

Carleton's Schiller (taken in December 2004)

For those of you who haven’t heard me talk about our Schiller before, the general idea is that at any given point, some secret group of students has him and every other student wants him. You can read about his more famous exploits on the CarlWiki.

Anyway, he use to make appearances at many of the mass gatherings on campus (always accompanied by the obligatory rush to try to capture him from those who have him), and one of the first stories I remember hearing about Carleton (long before I came here to work) was of the elaborate cloak-and-dagger methods used to change out an old, beaten up bust for a new one.

Clinton and Schiller, 2000

That’s my favorite Schiller tale, followed by the story of Bill Clinton holding Schiller up during his commencement address here in 2000. My brother, who was a student here at the time, reports that the whole student body remembered (just in time) that rushing Schiller probably wouldn’t be nearly as much fun with all those snipers everywhere. That Schiller, signed by Clinton, is now held in a safe retirement location on campus.

Schiller Reads

When the librarians here did a bunch of READ posters in 2006, we made one for Schiller, too. His book of choice was Kidnapped, of course.

Well, apparently the current keepers of Schiller planned the ultimate in public displays. They got him onto the Colbert Report last night. That’s our Schiller, folks!

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Sign Off – Friedrich Schiller
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Huh. Missed That.

Yesterday, my blog turned four.

It’s nice to be in my own space this year, and in many ways it’s nice that blogging isn’t the sole source of communication in my corner of library land any more. (It’s easier to follow discussions on FriendFeed than it was when you had to read everyone’s blogs separately.) But I also miss constantly thinking “Ooh, I should blog that thought.” I loved having that spontaneity happen in a space that I could back up more easily than I can back up FriendFeed.

That’s a little more bittersweet sounding than I’d intended, but oh well. Hopefully soon I’ll have more energy to devote to blogging again. But until that time, I’ll keep happily watching librarianly conversations unfold on the internet.


That’ll be Different

I'm flying! At a conference!

Tomorrow and the next day, I’m attending a conference.

A virtual conference.

A virtual conference in a Second Life environment.

I’ve heard of having newbie orientation to large conferences (ALA and ACRL do this, for example), but I’ve never attended those. I did, however, attend the newbie orientation session for this conference and learned such useful things as how to talk to people, how to sit, how to jump (“in case you get stuck behind a bench or something”), and how to wear clothes.

During this orientation session, the people around me would randomly dress and undress, grow or shrink, or suddenly start flying. During this orientation session, the most confusing thing for everyone was how to talk to everyone else either publicly, within the group, or privately.

This should be interesting.