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Welcome to the new version of my blog. If you’re seeing this in your feed reader, woohoo! You’re all set. If not, I know one of two things about you. You either a) landed on this page in its native habitat and should really subscribe to my new feed, or b) REALLY aren’t seeing this post at all, and there’s not much I can do about that. Most people in the world will fall into Category B.

While you’re here, let me know if there’s something that’s not working the way you think it should (internal permalinks are definitely one of those things, I know — I’m investigating my options there). Perpetual Beta, Baby!

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  1. Looks good from here–and the URLs are what I’d expect as permalinks (that is, the long-but-meaningful title option rather than the useless “?p=n” option). And Blogger picked it up automatically…

  2. Iris Iris

    Oh, blogger did nothing automatically, Walt. I’ve done a lot of tinkering. And there’s one more phase yet to do, and then Blogger will be able to auto-redirect all posts even if people land on the old blog from Google searches. But that means taking things like beginning-of-title “the” out of a few WP permalinks.

  3. Matt L Matt L

    Unless you would have said, I would have had no idea that you changed your blog (since I use Google Reader).

  4. Matt L Matt L

    I actually find this oddly interesting. Eventually I plan on better cataloging my own personal library (that is when I unpack it)… so books/research stuff is actually of interest to me. Though in part I do have to admit, as my Google Reader list grows, I find it easier to just press shift-A if I don’t have time to read than to actually remove a blog feed… but this one is safe.

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