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I interrupt my long silence to bring you earth shattering news…

… kind of… Well, at least interesting news. Interesting to me at least.

It’s been incredibly cold here the last couple of days. I’ve never before experienced nearly -50F windchills before. But now it’s warmed up enough that I have finally seen what I’ve always wanted to see: the magical temperature at which Fahrenheit and Celsius agree. So I took a screenshot, and here it is. Ta da!!!

In related news, I was a little late getting up to my office today because I just had to stop in the staff room, boil some water, and see what it would do when I threw it into the air out on the loading dock. I’m such an 8-year-old.

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  1. Iris Iris

    It mostly disappeared in a cloud of steam. A little bit clinked to the ground, and a little bit more was still liquid when it hit the ground. I should have done this a few hours ago when it was still colder outside.

  2. CogSci Librarian CogSci Librarian

    didn't u just get a web cam? I'd like to see photos!! And congrats on spotting the F & C temperature conversion!

  3. joshua m. neff joshua m. neff

    I’m glad it’s not nearly so cold where I am, but as a fellow inner-8-year-old, I wish I could see the boiling water in the freezing air experiment.

  4. LeAnn LeAnn

    Hey, Iris, where are you from anyway? I don’t think I know.

    And, yep, cold out today, but I remember when I was in high school (either winter of ’95 or ’96, don’t quite remember) there was a day so cold that the governor closed all the schools in MN. It was 40 below with a 65 or 70 below windchill…well, at least where I was in the state (west central MN). My sister lived in Ely at that time, which is basically like having one foot in Canada, and on that day for her it was 65 below with a 100 below windchill. Doesn’t even seem possible, huh?

  5. Iris Iris

    I’m from all over. Never really lived in any one place long enough to feel “from” there. But I’ve spent the majority of my adult life in the Chicago and Milwaukee areas. It’s not as cold there because they have that nice big lake. *daydreams about nice big lakes*

  6. Megan Megan

    LeAnn, it was the same week as the Northridge earthquake (January 1994). Ask me how I know….

    Seriously, though, it was that same week because I remember thinking, “I’d so much rather be in MN right now than here in LA for my brother’s M.Arch. thesis defense and party…” I am NOT a fan of the ground shaking.

  7. LeAnn LeAnn

    Megan, you have WAY too good a memory! January ’94…that would’ve been sophomore year then. I’m way off!

    And, wait, you weren’t even in MN when this happened and you still remember it? Aren’t you good!

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