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Why I’ll be Wearing Comfy Shoes Tomorrow

New students arrived this week. Yesterday there were new student week leaders dancing on our welcome sign all morning. (That’s quite a reception as you’re going to work!) Tomorrow I’ll be staffing the library table at the academic fair, leaving that a little early so that I can help host the library’s annual picnic for faculty and academic staff, working frantically on a couple dozen last-minute projects, and then helping out with the library’s annual murder mystery event (which gets started at 9pm).

I’m simultaneously looking forward to it and dreading it. Each of these things sounds like a whole lot of fun. The whole, though, sounds like it’ll much more tiring than the sum of it’s parts. I will therefore be wearing distinctly unfashionable, comfy shoes. Stereotype, here I come! Too bad I just got my hair cut today and can’t make a bun anymore.

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  1. Andrew Andrew

    Pictures! Post some pics of your new hair cut! :)

  2. Hazel Hazel

    And a bun is the “in thing” for hairstyles this year!

  3. Iris Iris

    Andrew, I’m back to the way my hair was at CIL. Buns don’t work, but I can still pull it back.

    And I probably spent enough of my life with my hair in a bun back when I was a dancer. :-)

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