Shifting Patterns

I realized this evening, as I checked my mailbox on the way back home, that communication patterns have really shifted. At least, they have for me. There was a time when I’d open mail addressed to me as soon as it was delivered, but I’d only check email once or twice a week. Now I check email multiple times per day, but I only open my accumulated snail mail about once a week.

2 thoughts on “Shifting Patterns

  1. I agree — I let snail mail accumulate in my work inbox for days but do check email constantly. at home, tho’, I check email less frequently and check Twitter / Facebook / FriendFeed much more often.

  2. Yes, you’re right. I go down by one email address at home (I’m trying not to check work email at home very often, and am mostly succeeding). This means I’m down to “only” personal email, twitter, friendfeed, and chat while I’m at home. Oh, and Google Reader.

    … I’m a junky, aren’t I…

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