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  1. Meredith Meredith

    Terrific job! I love how the boxes around your tips and explanations are the same color as the items you’re discussing. VERY good for those of us visual learners!

    I feel your pain. There have been things I’ve been asked to create a tutorial for where I can hardly use it myself!

    Congrats on being done.

  2. Iris Iris

    Thanks, Meredith and David. :-D

    Now that I’ve had a day of distance I’m starting to see the whole thing as a sort of soft-focus, calmly-narrated process of exploration, writing everything down, and then erasing 3/4s of the words to get back to the basics. HA! All I have to do is glance back at the prior post and I get all agitated and frustrated again… Funny how memory works.

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