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The Problem of the Younger Generation

I O.D.ed on millennial generalizations after only three professional conferences and meetings last year and have since consciously avoided sessions about those crazy aliens we’ve spawned. So maybe I’m not educated enough on the topic to have an authoritative opinion. But that doesn’t stop me having a non-authoritative opinion, and here it is: throughout all of history, the younger generation has always been alien.

“But their brains operate differently,” you say.

“How do you know?” I reply. “How many generations of kids have had their brains scanned?”

Well, TCM is playing the 1968 movie “The Impossible Years” right now and guess what, it’s all about how teens are wired differently and how teens and adults are completely incomprehensible to each other. The mother in this film just told the incredulous dad, “And what do you suppose our daughter is doing right now? She’s reading.” Nobody can believe it. They think it’s a miracle. And yes, I said the movie was from 1968.

So the specific differences between adult and kid may differ from year to year and from research study to research study, not to mention from specific adult to specific adult and specific kid to specific kid. But the younger generation is always alien… and this is completely natural.

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  1. waltc waltc

    Good comment. And consider who those 1968 teenage aliens are today: the Baby Boomers, who aren’t really all that different from those of us who came before (the so-called Silent Generation that created the Free Speech Movement and other silent activities…) Just as today’s alien Kids These Days, when they grow up, most likely won’t be all that different from…but you already know that.

  2. Mark Mark

    I thought they were my (and others) spawn. I didn’t know they were yours.

    I think you forgot to tell me something. ;)

  3. Iris Iris

    Think of “we” very, very generally, silly.

    And Walt, I’ve often amused myself by imagining my baby brother belly-aching about his kids in another 20 or 30 years. ‘Twill be fun.

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