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I just realized that today marks my second anniversary as a librarian at Carleton (and, incidentally, it’s also my co-worker’s birthday). It’s incredibly cliche, but it feels simultaneously like I’ve been here a couple of months and a couple of lifetimes.

Anniversaries are strange things. They make me all gushy about the good times, but they also remind me how hard those first months were. And somehow it’s the memories of those first months that are dominating my thoughts this morning, months when I’d work hard and then come home and feel every single one of the 330 miles between me and everything I knew. And even now, two years later, I still miss my family every single day.

Moving here was one of the harder things I’ve done in my life. But I’m glad I talked myself into it because I could never have asked for a better job, better co-workers, or a better supervisor. It didn’t take me long to realize that I’d somewhat accidentally landed in the dream job I hadn’t known I wanted.

So yes, anniversaries are strange things. I wonder what next year’s will feel like, and what new experiences I’ll have between now and then.

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