Late on the Uptake?

We’re having our mid-meeting break at the moment (all-staff meeting from 9 to noon, followed by lunch and a photo). But I wanted to share my favorite quote of the day. It came from a co-worker, who quoted a speaker he’d heard at the Frye Institute.

The library is pregnant with change. In fact, it’s nine month’s pregnant, and it’s in the delivery room. And the library has just decided it’s time to go out and buy a pregnancy test.

2 thoughts on “Late on the Uptake?

  1. I wanted to go to the Frye Institute, but they didn’t want me. :(

    See, if I’d gone, I could have been full of apt and witty quotes, too!

  2. That’s too bad, Jenica. I’m sure nothing interesting happened. Nothing at all. My co-worker probably made up this interesting thing… so don’t be jealous. ;)

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