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It’s Not a Secret Any More

For the past week or so I’ve been working on a “secret” project. What is this secret project, you ask? Well, a few motivated people thought ALA needed some shaking up, so they’re putting together the first online unconference associate with ALA annual. It’s the Social Software Showcase (still under construction), and it features 11 short “presentations” about emerging technologies.

I’m doing the presentation on Meebo Rooms, and my name is listed there right next to people who’s names make my eyes pop right out of my head! I had NO idea. None. Wow! (Now I’ll have to spy on their presentations as they go live and make sure mine isn’t totally lame in comparison.) But lame or not, here are the relevant links:

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  1. Mark Mark

    Congrats! I saw your name in the list on the LITA Blog this morn. :)

    And, Julian, I am glad to see that folks in LITA are doing cool things, but imho the org itself is still broke! I am a member, and on my own dime, and it took them 6 months to aknowledge in any way that I even exist. After almost exactly 6 months I got my 1st issue of the journal and an email the next day about something. But no welcome, thanks for the money, or anything. That is also to date all that I have gotten.

    I have no doubt that they’ll be asking for my renewal money on time. I have little doubt that I won’t be giving it to them.

  2. Joshua M. Neff Joshua M. Neff

    So, so awesome, Iris. I bow to you! Way to go!

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