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Proving I’m Not Very Smart

I just realized it’s taken me two years to figure out that I could change my bookmarked URL for my library to the proxified URL… It doesn’t interfere with my on campus clicking because it realizes no proxy is necessary from there, and it automatically prompts me to log in when I’m off campus (which cuts down on the “find good resource — click into it — be denied — navigate back to library log-in page – log in – re-find useful resource” cycle when I’m putting together classes over the weekends). Now, if it took me this long to figure out (and I teach people how to log in to the proxy server every day), I bet most of my faculty haven’t figured it out. Now’s when I wish I had a newsletter… or a blog… ;)

Also, about the no-posting thing that’s happing here lately. I’m sorry. I’m busy. Freakishly busy. But I’m keeping notes about what I would have blogged about and I hope to get to at least a third of them when things settle down later.

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