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On Making It

Nothing says “you’ve arrived” quite like having you and your department figure as the protagonists in comedy skits by students. Well, we’ve arrived.

Last night a student approached my co-worker at the reference desk to invite her to the comedy show, and my co-worker got on IM and told me about it, and next thing I knew I was driving back to campus (for the third time that day, btw) to attend the 10:30 showing. Man, oh man. The general outline of the skit was as follows.

Student brings food into the library. SuperLibrarians pool their super powers in the hopes of discouraging such disrespectful behavior. SuperLibrarians unfortunately incapacitate each other by inadvertently triggering each other’s vulnerabilities. By this time, the student with the food has finished what he was doing and left.

My favorite touch was that as the librarians transformed themselves into SuperLibrarians, they took the poses that we took on our cards. Actually no, that was my second favorite touch. My favorite touch was that the show’s programs each had pictures of our cards on them, and when my co-worker and I arrived they made sure to give us programs with our own cards on them. They also seated us in places of honor and introduced us at the beginning of the show.

Now I’m sleep-deprived and contemplating an extremely busy next 72 hours, but it’s Friday and I’ve been spoofed. Life doesn’t get much better than that.

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  1. Joshua M. Neff Joshua M. Neff

    That is excruciatingly, blindingly awesome. Good-natured ribbing is definitely one of the most sincere forms of flattery.

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