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5 Library Heroes

I’ve been of several minds about posting this. I read a ton of amazing blogs by people I respect and admire. I know my aggregator’s feed count doesn’t compare with a lot of other people’s, but it’s more than enough to keep me busy, most days, and if you’re in my aggregator, you’re definitely one of my heroes. I’m pretty ruthless about weeding out feeds that I don’t actively look forward to viewing every morning before breakfast, every day when I get the chance, every evening after dinner, and every weekend. So my five blogs list is more about personal connections than about professional value (which is not to say that these have no professional value, of course).

So here they are in what I’d call chronological order:

  • Meredith Farkas: I met her by accident at CIL 2006 when we were both part of a group that famously defected from a dine around without realizing that this might cause our dine around host some difficulties with the restaurant. I had no idea who she was, but people were talking about her blog the same way my fellow English majors talked about Shakespeare. So when I got back to my hotel that night I Googled her, read most of her blog all in one sitting (yes, I was up very late), and decided to figure out this “aggregator” thing I’d heard people talk about so that I could keep up with her. And she’s continued to impress me with her thoughtfulness, genuineness, and kindness.
  • Walt Crawford: I’d been blogging for about a month when he popped into my comments and said really nice things. (I’m a sucker for people saying really nice things to me.) Then mid way through this year of blogging, he did the same thing when I was having blogging doubts. He’s even mentioned me a couple of times in C&I, putting my name right next to the names of other bloggers I respect no end! And you’ve gotta love a guy who takes both the content and the look of the printed word so seriously.
  • Steve Lawson: I’d been reading his blog for a few months when all of a sudden he popped on IM one day to relieve my workplace isolation (all my co-workers were at ALA). Good thing he couldn’t see as I tried to collect myself off the floor and reacquaint my jaw with the rest of my scull! It was my first total fan-girl experience. And the rest is history, as they say. I’m constantly learning how to blog by reading what he writes. He’s got the tone and voice that I aspire to. And beyond that, he’s just a good friend to me.
  • And speaking of friends, Mark Linder has become quite a good one. And he’s almost always online, so when I’m frustrated or lonely or bursting with news that I just need to tell someone, he’s the one I bug.
  • Dorothea Salo: I’m not an IR person, or a systems person, or anything like that. (We all know how much trouble I have grasping basic HTML and CSS. Evidence of ignorance.) But Dorothea’s authorial voice keeps me coming back for more, no matter the content. I’m equally happy listening to her talk about the weather or about mysterious tech-ish script-ish things that I don’t understand at all.

So that’s five, though there are about 10 times that many that I could have included. And I promise not to get this sappy on all of you again (at least, not any time soon). If you don’t like it, blame Walt for getting us all started. :P

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  1. Sarah Sarah

    Thanks for the great recommendations! I’ve been reading Meredith Farkas’ and Walt Crawford’s blogs, but I hadn’t heard of the other three you mentioned. :)

  2. Iris Iris

    Hi Sarah. Oh, definitely check them out. I’ve got a whole lot more where they come from too, if you want them. Just click on the “My Blogroll” link on my sidebar.

  3. waltc waltc

    Dorothea started it. I just muttered about a possibility. Otherwise: Sarah, I agree with Iris…but then, that makes sense, since all three of the others are in my list as well.

    Oh, and thanks, Iris. Very kind.

  4. Dorothea Dorothea

    I did not start it. The documentary proof is on Walt’s blog.

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  5. Mark Mark

    Thanks, my friend, and you can “bug” me anytime. :)

    I guess I’m going to get shamed into doing this, aren’t I?

    Kind of funny what with not having much to say lately–uh, strike that, not having the time or energy to collect my thoughts and say them is more accurate–I kind of feel like I’ve dropped off the face of the biblioblogosphere, but having just found my name in 2 of these lists from 2 bloggers I highly respect as people and as bloggers has made it all better.

    Have a wonderful Easter, and beware the evangelical Mennonites. ;)

  6. Iris Iris

    I hadn’t seen Josh’s comment, but yes. What he said. :)

    And Walt and Dorothea, am I going to have to separate you two? Time outs in two separate corners sounds about right. :P

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