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Time Flies

A year ago I had just returned from my very first professional conference. Everything was new to me, and I was reveling in having made some brand new friends while away in D.C. I think that counts as one of the higher points in my last year and a half of work.

A year from Thursday, I decided to start this blog, and I’ve made even more friends via the on-going semi-synchronous conference that is the biblioblogosphere.

Then there was Immersion…

Looking forward to conferences this spring, I hardly know what to expect. Suddenly I’ll know some people! I don’t know how to “do” conferences when I already know people. This’ll be awesome!

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  1. Julian Julian

    In three weeks, I’ll be going to CIL for the third straight year. It will probably feel more like my first time than my third because of one key difference — there will be people there (co-workers excluded) whom I have met in the past. So I agree with you on that one. It will be very different not being that person who’s watching all those other people who all know each other so well hanging out together. My state conference isn’t so scary because I actually do know a few people there. CIL scares me more than even ALA, which will be new to me this year, is far bigger, and has even more unfamiliar faces. The newness of attending a conference with familiar people might be what happens when people you’ve never met can’t wait to meet you.

    Have fun in Baltimore.

  2. Tom Tom

    And to think I was there when it all started. I feel partly responsible for your blog since your jealousy over my wireless access last year at CiL played some small part in the genesis of Pegasus Librarian! (Or do I flatter myself?)

  3. Iris Iris

    Julian, I hope you have a good time at ALA. I’ve never been, but I hear that it’s both huge and interesting.

    And yes, Tom, I was jealous. Very jealous. But this year I get to have one of those coveted “Blogger” banners on my name tag. Me and three quarters of the other attendees… Together we can bring the wireless network to it’s knees. :)

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