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Dear Vendors

Dear Vendors,

A small forest has been chopped down, pulped, and coated with printer’s ink simply to advertise your booths. So to clear up any confusion I’ll state up front that I do plan to stroll through your booths at this and future conferences. I will stop and talk if I’m interested. I will not stop if I’m not interested even if you are giving away pencils or pens with your companies’ names engraved on them. I’ve never won anything at a drawing, so drawings don’t entice me very much, though you can try and if your prize is good enough I might relent (but DON’T send me a postcard or an email advertising this drawing). I will not contact you ahead of time (as your pile of postcards suggest I should) to make sure that you’re at your booth at any specific time. If I’m that interested, I’ll hang around your booth or check back to see when you’re there. I’m resourceful that way.

Respectfully yours,


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  1. Andrew Andrew

    LOL! I was thinking similar thoughts just today as I threw away (err recycled) another handful. I’ve only been interested in a couple of vendors based on our current needs. I plan to track them down in Baltimore. Just think how much less we would have to pay for some of our e-resources if the vendors could curtail the avalanche of slick four color promo pieces. I’m sure there was an opt-out box somewhere on that registration form.

  2. Julian Julian

    Kind of reminds me of a salesperson doing a cold call, saying, “I will be in your area on Monday at 2 PM or Thursday at 11 AM. Which time would work better for you?”

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