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A New Conference Joins the Mix

Yesterday Mary Kay began giving us all pause to wonder about our clothing and level of made-up-ness. (And how do they walk around in those shoes all day?) Today we’ve been joined by a cheer leading convention. No kidding.

So now as I walk from room to room I look around and thing “heals, suit, make-up=Mary Kay… sweats with hair in curlers=cheer leader.” It’s foolproof. Oh, and sparkles on eye lids or in hair is a dead give away, too. No librarian that I know cakes herself with sparkles.

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  1. Steve Lawson Steve Lawson

    >No librarian that I know cakes herself with sparkles.

    Oh, but I am totally going to start now!

  2. Mark Mark

    Sorry Steve, but I already beat you to it. But it was before I got my degree so I guess you can still be first. ;)

    C&RL librarians, Mary Kay, and cheerleaders … that’s got to be even more surreal than it sounds.

  3. Iris Iris

    Oh my goodness… the images that are filling my head right now… how do I make them go away! :P

    And yes, Mark, it’s very, very strange. So far only the cheerleaders are coming out of their sessions injured, and only the Mary Kay people are coming out more made up. I’m not quite sure that we’re coming out any different than we went in.

  4. Steve Lawson Steve Lawson

    Mark, we need to start an all-librarian glam band. If only I could play an instrument…

  5. Mark Mark

    Agreed, Steve! Unfortunately I can only play my stereo. :(

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