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  1. Julian Julian

    I’ll see you there. Will you be coming back in June as well?

  2. Iris Iris

    Nope, just April. It’ll be good to see you again. :)

  3. Joshua M. Neff Joshua M. Neff

    You lucky dawg! Have a great time!

  4. Iris Iris

    Oh, I will. That I promise. Wish you could be there, though!

  5. Michelle McLean Michelle McLean

    Maybe we could meet, I’m coming from Australia and will be at CIL too.

  6. Iris Iris

    I’d love to, Michelle! Do you have plans for lunch that first day? I don’t. I also don’t know my way around town… but maybe Julian could join up with us?

  7. Julian Julian

    I’ve been here for a few years, but I’ve never been to Crystal City. It will be a fun adventure.

  8. Iris Iris

    Well then, let the adventure begin. :)

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