The Reference Room in 9th Week

One of the things that makes Carleton Carleton is the nine and a half week term. Never have I heard a length of time so strenuously defended or so often blamed for any real or perceived short-fallings in teaching, learning, assignments, experimentation, or exploration. Be that as it may, I can tell it’s 9th week

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NOT Sick

I have to meet with a rep, teach a class, meet with a bunch of faculty, and then rehearse my choir tonight. I’m on deck from 8:30 this morning until 9:30 tonight. So you can see, there’s no way I’m sick today. None. But I think I’ll bring a bunch of lemon tea to work,

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Congress just got all 2.0ed over at OpenCongress (appropriately released in beta). It pulls together information from Thomas, blogs, news articles, and other places. It also says it has campaign contribution information for every member of Congress. The main page highlights the most recent votes as well as the most popular bills viewed on the

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