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Time Flew!

Wow, so I get snowed under at work (a little more on that later) and have family visit me, take a week mostly off blogging and blog reading, and look what happens: only the biggest drama we’ve had in recent memory, plus the unveiling of the coolest gadget I’ll ever not own. Why did I pick last week to be out of commission?…

And I think we’ve proven without a shadow of a doubt that if I take time out the world spins out of control. I’m going to have to put somebody in charge of keeping things calm the next time I leave for a bit. ;)

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  1. Joshua M. Neff Joshua M. Neff

    “I’m out of it for a little while, and everybody gets delusions of grandeur.”–Han Solo, Star Wars, Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

  2. Iris Iris

    Got that right, Josh. ;) I always wanted to be Han Solo, minus the freezing thing. I don’t like being cold.

  3. Mark Mark

    Well it’s pretty clear I failed at the task. Glad I wasn’t appointed to be in charge.

    Then again, I’ve never had delusions of grandeur. I get beaten down enough in my views of equality for all.

    Glad to have you back, though.

  4. Iris Iris

    You probably would have succeeded had you only KNOWN you were appointed Keeper of the Peace.

    You should try a Delusion Of Grandeur (or DOG, for us library types). It’s fun as long as you keep it short-lived. The easiest way of developing a DOG, in my experience, is to focus narrowly on some skill or coincidence that nobody else has (or wants) or has noticed (or wants to notice). That way there’s no competition and you’re assured of supreme power. My favorite time for developing a DOG is during the long summer days when you can go home from work and still have hours of sunlight in which to bask and think. I believe this is where we get the expression “Dog days of summer.” ;)

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