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SirsiDynix and Vista Equity Partners are an Item

During that dead week between Christmas and New Years, almost as if hoping that nobody would see the announcement, Vista Equity Partners bought SirsiDynix. I haven’t blogged about it for three reasons:

  • I don’t normally blog news just for the sake of blogging news (though I have done so in the past on occasion just because I felt like it… nobody ever claimed I was consistent).
  • I’ve been busy.
  • But most importantly, I’m not sure what this means or if it means anything. I’m just plain ignorant, and I know so little that I’m having trouble even having an opinion. Believe me, this is rare.

So what does this mean? Will things change? Will SirsiDynix be able to keep doing what they do? Wouldn’t it be nice if investment companies started to each want their very own ILS to promote and sell? But would this kill the (admittedly slow) innovation of ILS vendors, or would it spur them to change in order to see the value of their stocks go up? Somebody please help me have an opinion.

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  1. Mark Mark

    I tried. I really did. Go read the Carnival. :) Just be sure to read the comments, too.

    Besides, you’re in it.

  2. Iris Iris

    Thanks Kathryn. That one must have slipped through a “mark all read” binge that I went on earlier this week when I was too overwhelmed to think about feeds.

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