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It Shouldn’t Have Been This Hard

So, I ordered my iPod, but then FedEx couldn’t find my apartment. After a night spent on the phone trying to explain where I live, and that you can find me on ANY mapping software, they finally delivered my incredibly tiny gadget. Meanwhile I’ve learned that FedEx customer service will hang up on you when they think they have what they need (even when they don’t). I’ve also learned that even if they don’t believe you that the address you gave them is your correct address, they won’t let you change it to something easier unless you contact the sender and get them to send through a re-direct order (which could take a day or two). What’s more, I’ve learned that Apple (which has very kind and helpful customer service people who do not hang up on you) can’t change your delivery address either unless that address is listed as an alternate shipping address with the credit card you used to purchase the item. And finally, I’ve learned that you can’t get “alternate” addresses added to your credit card unless you actually, physically call the card company. And online form would be too easy…

And now, long, long after I would have been in bed after any other 10-hour day, I’m sitting here waiting for iTunes to convert and index all my music. I’ve been at it for hours, but I can’t stop it in the middle of it’s process. (I had no idea I had so much music on my computer! So far I could listen for almost 2 days and nights without hearing the same thing twice.)

So is it worth it? YES! I was able to listen to the first bit of a wonderfully funny book as I worked out today, and the whole getting-fit experience was quite a bit less torturous than usual. I almost can’t wait for tomorrow when I’ll be taking a walk in seriously cold temperatures just so I can hear the next installment of the book.

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