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Blogger Baby Formatting Issue

Ok, does anyone know why the line spacing in my posts changes after a blockquote or a list? Look, for instance, at this post. What’s up with the bottom half? I’ve looked at HTML of the post itself and can’t see anything different, but somehow once it gets published it squishes itself. And as we all know, I’m not the world’s greatest wiz at code trouble shooting….

I shouldn’t be this annoyed with it. Everything else went pretty well (except that I don’t like my pegasus picture to be skewered by the dividing line…). It’s just the little stuff that kept me up late, made me sleep through my alarm and have to rush through breakfast and making my lunch and all that other good morning stuff.

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  1. Steve Steve

    In that post you link to, there is some large amount of goofy-ness going on with the HTML.

    It should have a paragraph (“Today Don …”) that closes with a </p> before the <blockquote> “Notwithstanding…” begins.

    Then, after the blockquote, each paragraph below it should be within <p>&lt/p> tags. Instead, they are just separated with <br /> elements.

    Because those paragraphs following the blockquote aren’t properly in <p> elements, they don’t get the css rule “.post-body p {line-height:1.5em;}” which adds the nice linespacing.

    All for the want of some tags…

    If you want to fix this, you’ll need to use the blogger editing screen where you can see the HTML. Add paragraph tags and closing tags where necessary and strip out all the break tags. Fun!

    Email me if that doesn’t make sense.

  2. Iris Iris

    Ack, what a pain. I forgot that I don’t see ALL that tags in the HTML editor (which is where I was looking), and that Daddy Blogger sort of assumed paragraph after hard carriage returns. I guess the code-behind-the-scenes is just different enough to be REALLY annoying with Baby Blogger.

    And now the question is, is it important enough to warrant spamming everybody’s aggregators as I fix the paragraph tags…

  3. Steve Steve

    I say if it is reasonably legible, leave it. Keep it in mind as you go forward.

    As long as you are on Blogger I don’t think it pays to try and be too on top of the markup, as I believe even the template is invalid XHTML.

  4. Iris Iris

    Most likely you’re right. Though I don’t know XHTML at all. Then I’ll just leave well enough alone.

  5. Iris Iris

    Ack, ack, and again I say ack. Now I can’t get the code to work that made my last blog printer friendly. This blog is DEFINITELY not printer friendly. Every time I insert the code it says that I’ve created invalid XML. Ack.

  6. Iris Iris

    Never mind!!! Only an hour of fiddling… but I made it work. Now you can print without the sidebars getting in the way.

  7. Kathryn Greenhill Kathryn Greenhill

    Hi Iris.

    My switch to blogger beta last week is the tipping point for me to move my blog to my own domain using WordPress. ( A holiday project, hope to finish for the New Year)

    I had similar issues to you, but the final straw was yesterday when my husband told me his Thunderbird reader no longer picked up my feed. I tried validating it, and discovered the RSS is wonky enough to not to work in some aggregators.

    I’m a librarian because I want CONTROL over my information. Might not bug others, but I want more of a say .

  8. Gabe Gabe

    You may have fixed this already, but you can fix the blockquote/line-spacing problem with a single change to the template, wihtout triggering new RSS feeds for every post … details are at

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