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Admin Stuff: Moving to Blogger Baby

Ok, so as soon as my little “switch to the new blogger” button comes back (they’ve taken it away because too many people are switching all at once), I’m planning to transition this blog over there. This may mean that you get a whole bunch of posts coming through your aggregators… sorry. Hopefully this will only happen when I first make the switch, though I don’t know what happens when you start applying “labels” and stuff, but I’ll do my best not to spam you with too many updated posts.

Wish me oodles of luck. I definitely do NOT want to spend hours and hours trouble-shooting. But I also want to do this thing on my own terms and not log in one day and find that it’s been done for me.

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  1. Iris Iris

    Yep, though not completely seamless. But overall it went very well. I like it that they allow you to go in and tinker with the code, but I don’t like it that you can’t tinker with the individual sections (like my “about me” section) quite as much. Still, aside from the weird formatting things (the text in posts after a blockquote or a list gets a little bit squished, and I can’t figure out why) it went very well.

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