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Particially Recovered

I took the day off, today. It’s my first full day off all fall term, and what a wonderful day it was, too. I spent the morning and early afternoon blogging and reading The Craft of Research in preparation for Thursday’s book discussion on campus (I’m in a book group, sponsored by the Learning and Teaching Center and the Writing Across the Curriculum program, exploring the theme “Writing from Sources”). And for most of that time, my cat curled up in the tent made by a blanket over my legs. This, combined with hot tea and a steady stream of CDs I’ve hardly listened to in the last 3 months (because I haven’t been home much, or I’ve been to preoccupied to turn on music), made for a pretty wonderful morning.

I had to laugh, though, because here I was with my work laptop and my personal laptop fired up, transferring files and generally cleaning up after a whirlwind few weeks. No sane person needs two computers running at home.

In the afternoon I went yarn shopping with my newly mother-fied co-worker so that we could knit fun things for her baby girl. And in the evening I lead choir practice and then took myself out to dinner.

All in all, it was a good day. I need one of these in the middle of every week. Imagine how much interesting stuff I could learn and do with a day away from the office every week!

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  1. Iris Iris

    I’m really glad I took the day off. Now (the morning after) I’m wishing I hadn’t stayed up late watching the election results come in. :}

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