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Mother May I Have Another Weekend?

Last week was pretty rough, especially because it came after a previous rough week with a Sunday reference shift thrown in between them like a cruel joke. But this weekend I was adamant: No Work. Besides, this is only the second unscheduled weekend I’ve had all term, so I needed to make the most of it!

But the problem is, after two weeks of long days, working nights, and working weekends, there’s a lot of household stuff that needs to get done. For example, I only had yoghurt, milk, and shredded cheese in my refrigerator. I can’t live on that.

So now I’ve caught up on all the household stuff I needed to get done (well… the important stuff anyway, especially the food, in fact I’m in the midst of making my 6-hour pea soup right now), but now I need my weekend. I’m still completely drained. And it’s not like I’ve got a blow-off week coming. I’ve got to help write up an eReserves policy, help draft a document to submit to the college’s curriculum review committee on the importance of information literacy to student learning, read a book for a discussion group on campus, plus help all the poor students who are heading into their final research projects and struggling through their last full week of classes.

Meanwhile, I’ve really wanted to get back to my research and professional development. I’ve got three library-related papers I’d like to write and two non-library-related papers that are written but still need to be edited and sent off. Basically, it comes down to two problems: I’m busy, and I’m scared. I’ve never sent off a paper all by myself. My other papers have all been sent by my co-author. I realize I don’t know what I’m doing, and I’m suddenly absolutely sure that nobody will be interested in my topics. Oh, and the third problem is that I could probably get over the second problem if it weren’t for the first. I’m just too busy.

p.s. For those of you interested in my knitting, I’ve finally taken some pictures and put them here.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous

    Funny how things always seem to happen all at once, isn’t it? If projects and tasks were just evenly spread out throughout the year (oh, say, one per week), life would be much, much easier!

    I know exactly how it feels – just make sure you take it one thing at a time. And, would it help if someone else took a look at your finished papers and made suggestions? If so, feel free to send me one (or both) and I’ll do my best :) You’re not alone in feeling stressed and overwhelmed – it happens to all of us! Be gentle with yourself! :)

  2. Steve Steve

    Me too! Send me paper drafts–at any stage–and I’d be happy to read them.

  3. Iris Iris

    Oh, you’re both SO nice! You just made my day.

    Watch out, though, I’ll take you up on your offers. How good are you at the literary theory of Irish short story authors from the early 20th century? :)

    Actually, I’ve spent so little time thinking about literary theory in the last 3 years that I could probably be one of my own outside readers. :)

  4. Anonymous Anonymous

    Well, even if I’m not full bottle on Irish lit theory I’m still happy to look at your paper(s). I can still comment on the structure of your paper, and help with any editing and spelling mistakes etc. And I know I’ll learn something!

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