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Toff the Campus Cat

This past week I met Toff for the first time. Toff is the campus cat and somewhat of a campus tradition. He lives with two of our professors, but the entire campus is his domain. It’s been said that “Toff has two seasons: students and no students.” (Quote taken from the quicktime video about Toff made by students in the Cinema & Media Studies department.) He loves wandering campus to keep an eye on goings on and pick up some pets from students. Students carry him with them to social engagements, and he’s even appeared on ballots for student government positions.

[Update: After reading Megan’s comment I checked to see if Toff is on Facebook, and he is! His profile appears to be open to all facebook members. At least, I’m able to see everything. But it might only be open to Carleton people.]

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  1. Megan Megan

    Swarthmore has the Willets Cat. Sometimes he visits the library, but normally he spends his days making rounds, checking up on places, and generally lording over campus. He’s even on Facebook. I don’t think Wellesley has a campus cat. Too bad – the students would probably really enjoy one.

  2. Iris Iris

    A facebook page… what a good idea. I’ll have to see if Toff has one. :)

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