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There are things I love about Friday mornings on a college campus. (Cue background music: “My Favorite Things“)

First off, I love it that they’re Fridays. It’s my signal that I’ve nearly survived another week. I get to take stock of what I’ve done and start making mental lists of all the things I should do next week. I get to go to the public library and check out a few good movies to watch over the weekend. And I look forward to spending long, uninterrupted periods of time petting my cat, reading, doing my research, or any of the fun but not high-priority tasks that I didn’t get a chance to do while at work during the week.

But I also love the campus on Fridays. Early Friday morning is the stillest time of the week on campus (and remember, this being a college campus “early” extends all the way until about 10:00). I walked through campus to get coffee this morning and the whole place seemed to be hovering on the edge of reality. It could have been an illustration in a fairy tale book. It’s been raining for the last day, just soft, steady rain, and a light fog has settled over the entire town. As I walked, the leaves dripped quietly in the hazy stillness.

When I got to the student center (where the coffee lives), the local florist was unloading his van full of flowers for the Friday Flowers. (Every Friday, students can buy flowers and stick them in each other’s mail boxes.) I don’t know when this tradition started, but I know it’s been going on for several years because my brother talked about them when he was in school here (he went here between 2000 and 2004).

This Friday was particularly wonderful because I got to go home for the afternoon in repayment for working last Saturday. I left at about 12:30, had a leisurely lunch, called my parents, and then took a three-and-a-half hour nap! Oh fraptious day!

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