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Material Type Icons

This last year my library finally designed and implemented a coherent set of material type icons for our catalog. Now they’re up and available under a creative commons license as an open, downloadable icon set. So if you like’m you can have’m.

They were designed by a member of our college’s Web Services Group with input from our Public Access Working Group (of which I am a member).

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  1. Iris Iris

    Thanks, Jennifer. It was such a stroke of luck that when we started asking around for people who had experience creating icon sets it turned out that we had one such person who was not only on campus, but was also excited about the project.

  2. Steve Steve

    Very nice. I fully intend to appropriate them someday. I just need to teach our OPAC the difference between books and journals. It thinks they are all PRINTED MATL right now.


  3. Iris Iris

    Wow… Our catalog has some pretty weird designations, but “Printed Material” is pretty limiting.

    You’ve been writing some wonderful posts, recently, by the way. I fully intend to comment as soon as I can re-acquaint myself with my brain. (We had a pretty intense 4-hour brainstorming/planning meeting this afternoon and I am too fried for words.)

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