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To the Best of My Knowledge I’m Still Here

I’m sitting lumpishly on my couch, listening to Moby, sipping ice water, and trying to convince myself that the sound of my air conditioner running is soothing. It’s not irritating at all. That buzz doesn’t invade every bone in my scull. The fans I have strategically moving the semi-cool air down my hall to the bedrooms simply harmonize with the hum. They don’t bother me either. I think.

For those of you not in Minnesota right now, it’s hot here. Really hot. Actually, it wouldn’t be so bad if it would cool off at night, but last night at 12:30 (or would that be this morning?) it was still over 80 degrees (Fahrenheit) and humid. I realize that this probably isn’t nearly as bad as a lot of places around the world have it, but after three straight days of hot nights and hotter days, all while trying to sleep with twice the number of animals and lots of extra people all generating heat around you, it’s getting a bit old.

Most of the extra people have left now, just a few hours ago. It’s always a kind of empty feeling when they leave, but this time my sister is staying with me for a while yet, which is a first for me. Right now she’s picking out the meals she’ll make for me while she’s here. I like the way this girl thinks! Every guest should come and cook food for me.

The cat still hasn’t appeared. He had the worst week of his entire life, and he’s making sure I know it. He was shipped off to a friend’s for a week, and then put up with extra people and [gasp] a dog for another three days. He’s gone lethargic on me. Picking him up is like picking up a fur rug rather than the squirming, meowing guy he usually is. I hope he comes out soon, but I’m pretty sure that when he does he’ll make me wish I could ship him off again.

In other news, my brother is now well and truly married. Now it’s time to get caught up on all the things I’ve got piled in my after-the-wedding pile of papers. I probably won’t have many pictures to put up on Flickr, since I don’t put up pictures of people up without permission, but we’ll see. At the moment I’m too tired and hot to think about Flickr-izing any pictures.

The first load of sheets is done laundering, so it’s time for me to un-lump myself, stand up, continue getting things ready for another work week. I need a vacation from all this vacation…

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  1. Iris Iris

    Thanks, CW. It’s good to be back. Now I just need about a week of sleep. :-)

    Oh, and at 9:20pm, it’s still icky out. Thank goodness for air conditioning (even if it is noisy and NOT irritating

  2. Kari Kari

    I so wish I were there. As a native Minnesotan, I don’t miss the winters, but I DO miss the hot, humid summers. Unfortunately, the last few that I have been home to enjoy were not hot at all – much like the weather here in Quito. Just three days of heat would make me soooo happy (it was forty degrees here this morning with a nippy mountain wind blowing through and no heat in the houses). Just think – summer isn’t that long, at least not in MN! :)

  3. Iris Iris

    Hmmm, now I know your nuts, Kari. You actually miss humid heat? I’ve never done well in the heat. Unfortunately, I don’t like the cold, either. But I do like seasons, so I guess I’m stuck with heat and cold as well as the glorious spring and fall.

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