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How to Become a History Librarian in Two Hours or Less

  • Get yourself one sick history librarian
  • Realize that 48 high school students, here for a week-long intensive course, will be filing through your classroom in two groups of 24 from 1:15 to 4:30
  • Get the assignment and powerpoint from the sick reference librarian
  • divvy up tasks between all the other librarians
  • reassure the sick librarian that it really is okay not to teach when you’re that sick
  • reassure her again (the first one probably won’t take)
  • Figure out why the examples that go with the demonstration are perfect
  • Decide to have the students figure out why the examples that go with the demonstration are perfect (after all, that’s active learning, right?)
  • Eat Lunch (with visiting sister) and get some of that yummy sorbet to sustain you on your walk back to campus in the scorching heat
  • Take Advil (not one, but two… you know you need it)
  • Stand up in front of kids and remember your acting classes (…picture yourself knowing exactly what you’re doing…hold that image…now GO GO GO!!!)
  • Stand up in front of the next group of kids
  • Go home and eat leftovers while watching a movie

Now, if I could just get into the Immersion WebCT site to turn in the paper I didn’t turn in this afternoon… As it is, I just periodically click “refresh” and hope that one of these times the site’ll actually come up. PLEASE!!!!!

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