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Ah, Life…

Life happens, and lately a lot more of it has been happening than normal, hence the relative silence here. And even more will be happening for the next 10 days or so. My brother’s getting married and, since I’m the only family member in hailing distance of the ceremony, masses of family will be cramming themselves into the apartment (only one bathroom, folks, so no beverages allowed…). Then, while the bro and his new wife go enjoy a canoe trip, the rest of us will take the opportunity to hang out family-reunion-style for a few days.

For my own sanity’s sake, I hope I get to pop online every once in a while and catch up with my e-friends. (Imagine the poor, creaking aggregator without me obsessively checking it every day… it won’t be pretty. Much “Mark[ing] All As Read” may ensue if I just can’t face thousands of posts when I get back. So if there’s something you think I really must see, email me!)

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