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Immersion ’06

[Update: It seems that the people who’d gotten their assignments already are the ones going to regional programs rather than the national program. So I’m feeling distinctly less lost now… still not happy about the tone of some of the answers to people’s questions early on, but definitely less lost.]

I just realized that The Gypsy Librarian is going to Immersion this year. I am too. Who else will be there?

I’m also getting a little bit frustrated. Even with two major communication channels (email and WebCT), I’m feeling distinctly out of the loop. Apparently some people know what they’re supposed to be reading for the jigsaw readings already, but I haven’t gotten my assignment. In fact, I haven’t gotten any official communication in a few weeks. Does anyone know what cohort they’re in? I don’t.

I should probably ask these question on the WebCT discussion board, but to be honest, I’m scared to. The tone of some of the responses seems to suggest that we should know better than to ask these questions since the answers were posted elsewhere. I’m sorry, but I’ve downloaded every Word Document on that site (Why can’t they just be viewable? Why do I have to download the document?), I’ve read the posts, I’ve read the emails, and I’m still confused. All the information is too compartmentalized for easy navigation. I shouldn’t have to refer back to an email we got months ago telling us how to access WebCT in order to find out about what I should be reading. That should be posted in the “Readings” section of the site, or the “Assignments” portion.

Ok, ok. I know I shouldn’t get worked up about this. I just hate feeling like I don’t know where to find information. That’s why I became a librarian.

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