Rocketing into the Late-20th Century

I finally caved to a deep, dark desire. I finally bought a digital camera! Now that I’ve got my brand new Flickr account and this oh-so-cool camera, I can start sharing pictures like never before.

Oh, and I’m currently enjoying another essential of modern-day life that I bought today: my new tuner/DVD/CD player and speakers. They not only work well, but they look so very stylish (photos coming soon). Finally I have a sound system in my very own home, and the sounds is amazing. :)

[Update: You can see a picture of my new sound system, taken using my new camera, here.]

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2 thoughts on “Rocketing into the Late-20th Century

  1. Hee Hee… Someone’s jealous of me… That NEVER happens.

    The cheeky upstart kid who sold me my camera laughed out loud when I answered his question about what camera I’m currently using with “um…analog.” He called me a “dying breed.” Ahhh, kids. These “Milleniarist electronic salesboys” think they know it all. :)

    But I know what you mean. My brother’s had a really nice camera for years now, but I’ve only just talked myself into thinking that I can afford it.

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