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Flickr-ish Goodness

After spending the day playing with my new tech-toys, I’ve loaded photos into Flickr (while listening to the radio, no less). Then I ran around trying to figure out the Flickr identities of anyone I could think of and making them into contacts (still can’t find some people that I KNOW have accounts, but I’ll keep sleuthing). What fun!

I’m still a little miffed that it doesn’t let me order the photos on the main page my way, or if there is a way to do that I haven’t figured it out. But hey, I’ll live. Let the photo sharing begin!

Now my little head is buzzing with ideas for using my camera and Flickr account in the library. The possibilities are endless… though as yet un-articulated. All I know is that this could be FUN. The first things that came to mind were kind of pedestrian (things like creating illustrations for my web pages or instruction sessions). But now I’m wondering if there is any way to work this in to the idea that some co-workers and I have. We want to build social communities around research. We want communities that have an online space that allows for sharing, helping, commiserating, discussing, and generally HAVING FUN (are you catching my theme?). We have no concrete plans, but when has that ever stopped us? So anyway, I’m wondering if there’s some way to work the visual into all of this. Has anyone else tried this sort of thing? What did you do? What worked? What didn’t work? Are you still sane?

Well, after a long day of doing absolutely nothing, it’s time for P and me to wind down.

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  1. Tony Tony

    Hey Iris,

    You can actually order your photos in a particular way by utilizing the Photo Sets creator. It won’t let you re-order the main photostream, but will let you create a set of photos (by theme, for instance) and you can display them how you want within that set.

    Tony :)

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